Cultivation on the farm

Strawberries have been grown on Tyfta farm since Emilia, Mats Lekander´s grandmother, grew strawberries for sale on the island of Marstrand, a popular summer resort, before the second world war. They fetched a good price!
Mats´s father, Allan Andersson carried on with the growing of this popular berry, the responsibility was passed on to Mats in the 1970´s. Before long Mats had increased the types of berries to include black currants, (1979) and raspberries (middle of the eighties). All berries can be purchased picked or by picking your own. A must are the potatoes from Tjörn. Our production of this delicacy usually lasts all summer.

Now days on Tyfta we grow strawberries, raspberries and black currants.

Types of strawberries.
Hone oye is the sort that ripens earliest in the season. Suitable for eating fresh. Can withstand transport over long distances. Can be kept for several days in cool storage. We grow Korona for its taste. However Korona does not withstand being transported long distances. We grow Pegasus is grown as it ripens later than the other sorts we grow- Good large berries somewhat soft, but sweet good. Good to eat fresh, but also good for making cordial and jam.

Meeker. Large sweet berries, firm in texture. Excellent for eating fresh, freezing or for making cordial and jam. We also grow Norna and Haida on a small scale.

Black currants..
In 1999 we planted the sort Trån. A very good sort originating from Scotland, and has since 2002 replaced the sort Öjebyn we had grown for 30 years. Trån is much larger and sweeter than Öjebyn.