There are many new recipes every year in all the magazines on food and we´re always testing new ways to use our precious berries.

However our favourites over the years are:

Fresh strawberries are best served as dessert with milk or on bread.

Sliced strawberries on bread was introduced by Gerda because in Holland, her home country, strawberries are eaten this way 75% of the time, either with or without sugar.
Mats however eats fresh strawberry preserve on his porridge every day. (see recipe below).

Tyfta´s strawberry preserve:
2 kgs strawberries processed in mixer
1.5 kgs strawberries mashed with potato masher or fork
Mix the strawberries with 2 kgs of sugar until sugar is dissolved.
Freeze in suitably sized containers.
Will hold for a week in refrigerator.

Strawberry jam with vanilla.
Boil 5 kgs of strawberries with 8 vanilla pods and 1 dl water.
Mix 5 tablespoons pectin with 1.5 dl sugar and 2 tablespoons citric acid.
Take out vanilla pods, split lengthwise, take carefully out small seeds and put pods and seeds back into saucepan. Let strawberries boil for 5 minutes. Spread pectin mixture over berries, while stirring. Add 3.5 kgs sugar, continuing to stir. Boil for 5 minutes.
Test consistency of jam on cold saucer. Pour into clean warm glass jars and screw on lid.